Remembering Our Furry Friends Who Have Passed Away


When I was little, my parents had two Rottweilers named Layla and Spud. Layla was the bigger, older dog and Spud was her puppy. After Layla had her first litter, we decided to have her spayed. We kept Spud, and when he was old enough, we also had him neutered.Two Rottweilers

They were my playmates growing up – I did not have any siblings, so I spent all of my afternoons with those two dogs, running, jumping, and taking them on walks. Eventually, Layla became sick and we had to put her down so that she would stop suffering. Continue reading »

5 Ways To Pamper Your Canine

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ways to spoil your dogYour beloved pet dog deserves the best care – many dog owners would definitely agree with this.

This begins with caring about what you feed to your faithful companion and giving them the highest quality wet and dry dog food.

There is a wide variety of dry and wet dog food in tins, sacks or boxes stacking up the supermarket shelves.

Such vast options make selecting the right dog food confusing and difficult.

This goes true with your local veterinary centres and numerous online dog food wholesale retailers that are offering a broad variety of wholesale dog food as healthy dog food choices which mostly come with an expensive price tag.

The final verdict is always in your hands hence it is vital to make the best choice of dog food and supplier.

Many dog owners usually base their decision on flavour, packaging and price. In making the best choice, you would want to consider several factors such as ingredients, affordability and manufacturing quality plus the supplier that offers the best value for your money.

The ingredients would likely be your chief determining factor when it comes to choosing a pet food supplier. To ensure that your dog stays in peak health, your pet should receive the correct blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in correct quantities along with adequate clean fresh water. Dog food with artificial colours, additives and flavours are not a healthy option, so stay away from them.

It is best to go with a reliable pet food supplier that are pet care specialists because they offer the best quality, healthy and all natural dog food range that are reasonably priced. Dog food suppliers who specialise in pet care have knowledge about the nutritional needs of a variety of dog breeds and stock ultra premium dog food products, complete with vital nutrients and vitamins essential for your dogís long term health and development.

It goes without mention that owning a dog means additional expenses on every dog owner, from vet bills to immunisations, dog kennels, bowls, feeders, treats, chews, grooming equipment, cooling, dog hygiene treatments, dog health products and many more. This can sometimes tempt you to be buying the cheapest dog food for sale or feed your dogs with leftovers or bones. Such diet will enable them to thrive but would not be doing best for your petís long term health. A false economy will only leave you paying for expensive vet bills in the long run.

A specialist pet food supplier can give you the best advice with regards to choosing the right food that will make your pet happy and in great health.